Link Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Link Card Login:




Read the instructions here in order to gain access into the correct Link Card Login page:

1. Click to select the following link for the Link Card Login page as we have provided it for your benefit here:

2. Enter your social security number into the first fields provided there.

3. In the next three fields, enter your date of birth into the fields in the format of two digits for month, two digits for date, and four digits for year.

4. Enter tour four digit pin or card number into the next field provided.

5. Click the login button in order to gain access into your Link Card account.






Finding that there are some problems with the Link Card Login page? This section will help you with troubleshooting the Link Card Login process.

If you happen to be having any issues with remembering any of your login credentials that are all required in order to successfully complete the Link Card Login process, review the following notice:

NOTE: At this time there doesn't happen to be any online method for recovering any of the login credentials that are needed for the login process. We are constantly looking for more information regarding this process and we will update it here as new details become available for this process. The contact details have been provided for your benefit in the next section of this article. After you have been able to recover the login credentials needed in order to complete the Link Card Login process, review the login video shown above.





Use these contact details for more information regarding the Link Card Login process.

DHS Help Line


Card Services
1-800-678-LINK (5465)





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